All The Tools You Need To ROCK  WhatsApp Business!


Picture this: A potential customer sends you a WhatsApp message inquiring about your products or services. 

You have 2 options.

A. Spend a few minutes  introducing yourself, another few minutes typing out your response to their question and then a few more minutes closing that sale.


 B. Spend a few seconds introducing yourself, and few more seconds  answering their questions so that you can spend the rest of valuable minutes doing what matters most: creating a connection and turning that potential customer into a happy paying client. 

Which option will YOU choose?



If we haven't met yet, Hi! I'm Kaj, the owner and lead designer at Kaj Expressions, a super successful Belizean handmade jewelry biz. I am OBSESSED with saving time because when you run a busy business, efficiency is everything! I have a team responding to messages (as if though I were responding myself) as I type right now but it wasn't THAT long ago that I was...

1. Struggling to keep up with messages on WhatsApp, FB and IG combined (on top of ALL the other things I had to do in my biz).  

2.Lacking the belief that I could actually find people to respond exactly like I would, and the  finance and confidence to grow.

3. Battling to find time to do anything for myself and my family because I was TOO busy wearing all the hats in my business.


Fast forward to today,  I get to sit back in my hammock and enjoy doing the things I REALLY LOVE to do, like creating content to help small businesses grow, taking me-time, and going on sweet family vacations --- you know? The kind of stuff that used to exist only in my imagination!

That's because I've figured out  THE FORMULA  to make my Business work FOR me instead of the other way around. My team *OMG I love that word* makes the most of the Apps we use to save time and effort, while doing little things to help reel in more income--- I'll take extra icing on my cake, please!

I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I've reached a point where I don't personally have to answer a single WhatsApp message. I can focus on other things knowing that my team is responding just like I would! Sigh... What a relief! 

I won't sugar coat this and pretend that it didn't take time to get here (Sorry, I have to  keep it real). But I thought why watch you spend that same time figuring it all out, instead of showing you how to do it quicker? And this, my friend, is what inspired me to create this course! 


In my mini course you'll learn how to make WhatsApp work FOR you instead of the other way around with:


  • Seven short and sweet *all are under 5 minutes*, easy to follow video tutorials to get  WhatsApp Business set up like a pro.
  • A worksheet to help brainstorm and create quick responses to FAQs *Taking a little time to do this now will save you TONS of time in the future!*
  • A PDF cheat sheet to keep your content fresher than a freshman* No, Seriously. 
  • The EXACT tools we use at Kaj Expressions to reel in extra income and ROCK our customer service.                                                                                                   

But don't just take my word for it. See what our customers are saying here: Kaj Expressions | Facebook


Say no more! I want the course!


Find out the newest  thing we started doing within the last couple weeks that has our customers RAVING about our customer service! 


I'll keep you up-to-date with any changes, features or  improvements we implement in my Business WhatsApp for 4 months after you buy the course! P.S. We implement at least one new strategy each month.

I wasn't kidding when I said I get to sit back in my hammock, either!

Okay, maybe not sit back. But you get the point, right? ;)


Why leave for tomorrow what you can do today? 

You're right, why wait? Lets get started!

All right, please hear me out...

 If you feel like this course isn't for you because you're not getting tons of messages in your business just yet, I get you. I've been there. But if I had the chance to do one thing differently in my business,  I would have prepared in advance. I would not have waited until messages started pouring in to get my systems set up the right way. Waiting caused me to perform below standard, disappoint some customers, and lose quite a few sales. It sucks to say that, but we live, we learn, right? I hope that you'll choose learn from my mistakes just like I have. 

If you're on the fence because you're already familiar with all the tools available in WhatsApp business, then this course probably isn't the best fit for you, BUT I will say this: I'm not just teaching you about the tools and that's it. I'm going more in depth than that.  I am teaching you how to make the tools work for you by giving you the exact strategies that we use in my business to get the most out of the tools! The real value, my friend, is in the little details.



"This is more than helpful! I cant believe WhatsApp for business is that useful.The demo was easy to follow. I love it."

- Michelle West


"Wow I had no idea about all of these tools .Thank you very much for this course. It is very helpful and I feel good with all the updates that I'm doing online on a  whole. Highly recommend!!

- Silvana Garcia



This course is amazing! Kaj is so detail oriented, not to mention the easy step by step tutorials! I recommend this course to anyone looking to boost productivity in their business/es. This information is a must! "

-Kyra Lizama


Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I have to share. I hope that my course can be useful to you but I also want you to know that if you're not ready to get started yet, that's fine too. I want you to choose my course only because you have that feeling in your gut, that it's the right decision to make.

On another note, if you'd like to be a part of my private Facebook community where small business owners get the opportunity to open  up  and discuss real issues as well as brainstorm solutions, I'd love to have you!

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I've thought about it and I want this course!